11 - 12 year old boy gift ideas

Here's what 11 - 12 year old boys think is cool this year.

**All children are different - this is a generalisation based on A LOT of data, but the boy you're thinking about might be completely different! Whatever they like, the one thing they will benefit from is time with someone that cares about them. You can't buy that here - but you can give it whenever you want, and it doesn't cost a thing!

This age is where boys leave the comfort of middle childhood and become pre-teens. That's a big deal. They're more exposed to peer competition and the need for peer approval. They're often more confident in their ability to learn and might be getting rebellious (or more rebellious!)

Sports is still a big part of boys lives at this age (and it continues to develop their motor skills). Sports clothing (eg. team singlets/jersies etc) are popular gifts for 11 year olds.

Water guns, Nerf guns, Fidget spinners and Fidget cubes are still cool. Music is always a safe bet, as long as he can choose it.