11 - 12 year old girl gift ideas

Here's what 11 - 12 year old girls think is cool this year.

**All children are different - this is a generalisation based on A LOT of data, but the girl you're thinking about might be completely different! Whatever she likes, the one thing she WILL benefit from is time with someone who cares about them. You can't buy that here - but you can give it whenever you want, and it doesn't cost a thing!

Sports is a great way for girls this age to continue developing their motor skills on a multi-tasking level. 
They love jewellery stuff and make up, bracelets, slime and Smiggles. Things they can draw and colour with (this is a great way to continue developing their imagination and creativity - useful for all sorts of things later in life!)
Diaries are cool (and great for journalling). At this age, they are very self-aware, and probably have highly developed social skills, but they might not have developed their emotional coping mechanisms and skills to the same level.
Stuff that smells nice is a great gift idea for 12 year old girls.
In terms of colours, white, black and gold are cool right now.