6 - 8 year old boy gift ideas

Here's what 6 - 8 year old boys think is cool this year. 

**All children are different - this is a generalisation based on A LOT of data, but the boy you're thinking about might be completely different! Whatever he likes, the one thing he WILL benefit from is time with someone who cares about him. You can't buy that here - but you can give it whenever you want, and it doesn't cost a thing!

Sports, block games like lego/duplo/meccano, spinners/fidget cubes, super heroes are all great gift ideas for 7 year old boys.

8 year olds can learn 20 new words per day through reading, so have a think about good books (we'll list some here once we've done some more research).

At this age, he's developing his motor skills to the point of performing multiple things like running and kicking or jumping and throwing. Soccer is really popular among boys this age. 

Collecting stuff can be quite popular at this age, so things like cards (Pokemon etc) can be goodies.

The Marble Run game.
Boys colouring books.