9 - 10 year old girl gift ideas

Here's what 9 - 10 year old girls think is cool this year.

**All children are different - this is a generalisation based on A LOT of data, but the girl you're thinking about might be completely different! Whatever she likes, the one thing she WILL benefit from is time with someone who cares about her. You can't buy that here - but you can give it whenever you want, and it doesn't cost a thing!

Girls approaching (or landing on) their first decade on earth have a complicated set of developmental needs. They're improving their decision-making skills and can start tackling problems that are a little bit more complicated. Gifts should help stimulate that if possible. They're also young girls and probably love jewellery and make-up, bracelets and other pretty things. They might like creating and making. Slime toys and things they can draw on are a good gift idea for 9 year old girls. They will need notebooks and pens for drawing, diaries for recording and making sense of their day. They enjoy stuff that smells nice, not just on themselves. Smiggles stuff is still cool. Cool clothing is always a hit, black, white and rose gold is in at the moment!