The world famous Fidget Cube - ON SALE NOW

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This incredibly satisfying Fidget Cube has six sides.

1. The roller

The roller is two gadgets that combine to form the ultimate fidget cube experience. The first is a metal ball that rolls silently below the second widget -- a set of three gears that make a ratcheting sound when moved.

2. Pen click

The pen click has five dots, three of which have the sound and feel like a cross between a ballpoint pen and bubble wrap. 

3. Switch

Like flicking a switch up and down. You can hear and feel it click, this side is for you!

4. Dial

The dial is a nice, simple, movement.

5. Joystick

Like rocking a controller joystick in the hand.

6. Worry stone

IIt's just a smooth side with an indentation in the shape of a thumbprint. Simple, made to resemble the feeling of traditional worry stones.